Friday, March 21, 2008

13 months

Credits: Weeds and Wildflower's Breath of Fresh Air and Itty Bitty Alpha.


  1. Wow I NEVER thought you'd be waiting this long! It has to be soon. I check your blog every day. You always have such a great attitude, it must really help carry you through.

  2. It will happen... you'll get "The Call" and soon be able to put all those months of retail therapy behind you:) LOL! Hang in there and keep that cell phone close.

  3. Hi...just found your blog. Saw it on the digital lifebook group. Wow! You are close to a referral...wishing you the best. I am hoping to learn to digital scrapbook soon...looks like so much fun!

  4. Sarah - hang in there - I just know good news is coming. I check your blog every day. (((hugs)))

  5. I know that 13 will be your lucky number> ( I think that 13 is considered lucky in Asian culture). I had a seagull poop on me once and this is also considered lucky in the Asian culture probably because it is so arbitrary! Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us who are waiting! Think about Hannah Claire saying Mom for the first time! Vonne Barnett

  6. Hang in there, Sarah! I just can't wait to hear your good news...soon!

  7. I think 13 will definitely be your lucky number. I love your "think positive" theme. Keep believing, girlfriend!

    Hugs, Rebecca

  8. Do be positive. I'm sure it is hard, when you want something so badly- but if you search hard enough, the good is always there hiding in amongst the disappointment and frustration.

    And, like everyone else- I really, really, really expect a referral for you soon! It seems like when everyone gets to their breaking point, where they don't think they an wait ANY longer, they get The Call.

  9. I just wrote you a comment and then deleted. hmmm.

    How 'bout that punch we talked about. You need it?

    I'm one of 13 kids. It's lucky in my world...and it will be for you too!


  10. Girl, I think about you and Kevin, everyday. I hit your blog and I feel like I am looking for my lottery number or something. I know that this is hard for you, and you are going to be blessed!
    You will get your referral.
    Good things are coming with the
    April Showers! :)
    Keep me posted !


  11. I keep checking in, b/c I was sure you were going to get your referral before we did. My fingers are crossed honey that it comes very very soon


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