Sunday, December 23, 2007

fun weekend!

We had a great weekend! Kevin and I enjoyed a delicious brunch at Rebecca's home, celebrated with family at a gorgeous Christmas themed wedding, laughed at the antics of Bears fans loving their victory over the Packers today, and spent some time with Grandma at the nursing home. I retold her the Cabbage Patch Christmas story as she didn't remember it. Grandma exclaimed, "I found the doll for you?!?!" and seemed excited to be told that she had made me so happy as a child.
Tisra, there were a lot of people in diapers at the nursing home, but I couldn't find any Taiwanese babies. No Hannah Claire to be found at "Grandma's house."

This weekend has been horribly windy. We came home tonight to discover that our flag pole made out of steel pipe had been blown down and our American flag was ripped to shreds. A neighbor folded up our flag nicely and placed it at our front door. Thanks, anonymous neighbor. Kevin is mourning the loss of his flag pole, as he most likely won't be able to fix it until spring.


  1. Thought of you this morning- Eric was finally in the right place at the right time and we got Rock Star!!! Fun times will be had here today! Heee.

  2. Yikes! Thats some wind! I was also at the nursing home today & I swear Matt's grandma remembers everything... Everything! LOL! She's very cool! Hope you guys have a great Christmas:)


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