Friday, November 16, 2007

stockings hung by the chimney with care...

I had the day off today, so I spent it sleeping in till nearly noon and decorating the house for Christmas. Hannah's stocking arrived this week. I'd so love to shop for baby toys for Christmas.

We have a toy stuffed nativity scene that reminds me of a handmade nativity scene that I used to play with as a child. Kevin thought it was pretty funny to throw around Joseph, Mary, Jesus, and the "wise guys" around the room and watch Sedona carry them around her in mouth. Sedona doesn't tear things up, but she does like be chased around the room with baby Jesus in her mouth!


  1. Seriously I can't believe how on the ball you are. And I thought I was doing good by having already bought 3 whole gifts before Thanksgiving. Please Please pass some of your energy this way.

    Love the picture and hopefully soon you'll know about Hannah.

  2. OK I am feeling very very guilty that I have done NOTHING to get ready for Christmas. But you have inspired me.

    Those stockings are adorable. I got a little misty-eyed seeing Hannah's name embroidered there!


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