Saturday, November 17, 2007

retail therapy for winter

I haven't had any baby clothes retail therapy since a t-shirt purchase in September, and I finally broke. This striped toddler sweater dress with a hoodie was just too cute and I couldn't resist. Too cute!!!


  1. I love the Christmas blog motif! It's wonderful as "Traditional Holiday Music" plays on our music channel at home! We're so ready to get at least one tree up, then only 4 more!

  2. Sarah, I love your blog all merry and bright!! :)

    That dress is WAAAAY too cute. I can see how you couldn't pass it up.

  3. This is so cute!! What to share where you found it? I have two little girls to shop for at Chrismtas and I think this is just adorable.

    I can already see Kevin wanting orange tights for Hannah to wear with this. :-)

  4. Sara,
    You can find it online at BabyGap. They have larger girls sizes too, although it is styled a little differently. They have striped tights to match, but I thought that might be a little too much in the stripe department. Yes, Kevin would choose orange tights, of course! I'd choose green I think. :) Any news on the little prince from Korea?

  5. They are expecting the call any day that he is on the plane and on his way to Chicago. I am personally hoping that it happens Thursday-Sunday since I am heading up there Wednesday night. They called Korea the other night and everything is in order. The people that got their referrals right before them just got their babies last week or the week before. Fingers crosses and prayers that it happens soon so I can meet him while I am there. My grandmother is up there right now too so it really couldn't be more perfect.

    Thanks... off to check BabyGap. I agree striped tights would be too much. I like the green idea... or maybe brown... hmmm.


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