Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hannah's grocery list

On Tuesday Hannah went through the pantry and made a grocery list of things she'd like to buy.  She copied the words off of packaging.  Kevin texted me this pic while I was at work.  I *love* this!!!  We figured out that "fuzzy sticks" were pipe cleaners for crafts, and "expo" referred to dry erase markers.


Hannah and Kevin are really into building Lego sets together right now.
  Kevin's mom and dad mailed us all of his old Lego sets, and they are keeping busy.


I saw this photo in my facebook feed this week.
I think is would be a wonderful gift to give a child brought into a family via adoption.


We're loving these Taiwanese Ramen noodles that we picked up at Juncle Jim's.  Nom nom nom!

Last but not least, I could have written the above someecard.  :)


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