Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 year in review

Once a year I scroll through a year's worth of photos and try to pick out a handful to send to the "baby house" in Taiwan that connected me with our children.  It is painfully hard to choose just a few images that say, "Look at these beautiful kids you gave us!  They're everything to us.  They're smart, funny, pretty happy, well adjusted kids!  They drive me crazy and complete me all that the same time.  They're doing great.  Don't worry about them, that's my job."

I wrote a letter to Hudson's foster mother and had a friend translate it for us.  That was way harder than picking out photos.  It is nearly impossible to find words to convey the gratitude that we have for this woman and her family.  They not only took care of my son... but he learned LOVE from this family.  Hudson kisses, hugs, wants to belong, be together... and we saw that one day one with him.  I have no doubt that all of his needs were met in this family.  I have no doubt he is missed by them.  We will be back.  We will find them again.






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