Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas card 2012
The most beautiful gift in all this world
becomes dim in our sight
when placed beside the gift of love
God gave us on Christmas night.
May your Christmas be filled
with peace and joy.
Kevin, Sarah, Hannah, and Hudson
Hannah has been asking the following questions:
"How many sleeps until Christmas?"
"How many sleeps until it snows, Mama?"
"How will Santa come if it doesn't snow?"
Hudson has been saying:
"Ange.  Ange.  Again."  (Translates into orange, orange, again.)
"Beep beep.  Choo choo.  Wooooowooowooo!"

It is impossible to get a photo of Hudson looking at the camera,
 smiling, and in good focus. I'm learning to settle for 2 out of 3.
Hannah's preschool Christmas program was last night.
I'm thrilled that she sang, did hand motions, and just plain participated.
This is a huge step from the little girl that wouldn't go on stage
at the end of the Chinese school to receive her certificate with the class...
and the little girl that would never do fingerplays at story hour at the library.
Santa Claus was at preschool tonight, and Hudson allowed himself to be
seated on Santa's lap for a minute after being given two suckers.
Santa remembered Daddy, called him by name, and even gave him a hug!

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  1. I wish you a happy new year and all the best to your family :)


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