Sunday, November 4, 2012

four months with two littles

This is a common sight in our home. Two kids being silly kids together,
 sometimes playing together nicely, other times fighting over stupid stuff like a blanket.
The kids recently recovered from colds that turned into ear infections, and mine turned into ear infections and a sinus infection. Sickness in our house leads to a clutter and messy house problems... and laundry build up.  We're digging out of it this week. I'm so glad we have solid surface flooring. It makes me nauseous to think about what kind of grossness my kids could do to carpet.
 4/5 year old preschool photo 
Hannah loves her new preschool. She likes to talk about what to bring for show and tell for the letter of the week, and is starting to figure out how to write some words other than her own name. She loves drawing, painting, and making crafts more than playing with toys. I laughed when I saw her preschool class photo, as she's sitting on the teacher's lap!
We still see this mad face frequently.
Hearing the word "no" is very hard for Hudson.
Redirection is much easier and avoids tears and fits,
but sometimes no just has to mean no.
And when no means no, fits happen.
He throws himself down on the floor or thrashes against the wall.
It is very trying, but it's getting better... most days.
Bedtime is a battle when he's not tired enough.
He's very mad when he has to stop playing to go to bed.
Bedtime is a breeze when we've just been to
the playground and his batteries are on low power.
We've been blessed once again,
we've doubled our happiness,
and we're twice as tired.
Hannah tries so hard to be a good girl.
I can't imagine having any daughter but this one.
Hudson tests our patience daily, gives big kisses, likes to snuggle,
and smells so good thanks to Chinese Johnson & Johnson baby wipes.
These smell so good, and the US J&J wipes don't have the same scent.
Smelling a child after wiping him down with one of these wipes is like...
instant relaxation and love for baby.  How can one not cuddle
with a boy that threw his cup of chocolate milk across the room and
splattered it all over the wall when he smells like baby love?
You can find them at SASA DOT COM, shipped from Hong Kong.
Yes, I love these so much I had baby wipes shipped to me from Hong Kong.
Please stop growing so fast and stay little for awhile longer.
Pretty please.


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