Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hannah's first dental appointment

Hannah had her first dental appointment on Thursday.
She's sat on my lap and watched my cleaning before, but this time she had a turn.
I talked up the appointment a lot and we practiced having Mama count her teeth.
I even promised Hannah a trip to Target to pick out a toy if she was a good girl.
In the end, she was nervous and marginally cooperated.
Hannah got better as the cleaning continued, and our hygientist was very patient.
She showed Hannah how all of her tools worked and let Hannah
 touch them and turn them on and off before using them in her mouth.

I had no idea that our dentist's office had such good prizes!
Hannah searched through the toy bin for nearly five minutes before deciding
on this pink pony that came with a saddle, hat, and shoes.
Unknowingly, I had a broken tooth that needed to be repaired.
Hannah did not get to watch that experience.  Not fun.

1 comment:

  1. I bet you broke your tooth on purpose! LOL!!!
    Aren't we missing somebody in these pictures?=)
    Glad that Hannah didn't freak out too bad. It looks like she did great to me.


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