Thursday, August 9, 2012



It should not come to anyone's surprise that Hudson's third real English word is "eat."  Kevin called me on my cell tonight as I was leaving work to tell me that Hudson was sitting on the kitchen floor chanting "eat eat eat eat" over and over.  I think that means I'm supposed to hurry home for dinner!

Words he says in Mandarin that we understand:  xie xie (thank you), mama, ba ba (daddy), jiě jiě (older sister), di di (younger brother), gǒu gǒu (doggy).

Words he says in English that we understand: mama (same as Mandarin), more, dada, and now EAT.

Along with tonight's eat eat eat eat eat, we're hearing a lot of ma ma ma ma ma ma and dada dada dada dada dada all day long as Hudson wants our attention.



  1. Soooo sweet!!! He will be learning more and more words in English before you know it!! He is just precious!!!

  2. I'm just melting looking at these eys Sarah! And that face is every bit as sweet as the yoguart that is dripping off of it. Gotta love the baby talk. Be sure to get as much as you can on video. I love to go back and watch/listen the videos I have of Allie and I'd give anything to have some of the boys. I don't have even one and it kills me!!!


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