Sunday, June 24, 2012

weekend update

Just today we've conquered jet leg.  I think I could get over it in 3 days if it wasn't for kids, but when they wake up at 3am and want breakfast and rocking time... you do it.

On Saturday Hannah got some one-on-one time with her Nana.  I hear they made cupcakes.  Hannah oozed about how much fun it was.  I decided we should go get Hudson's feet measured at a Stride Rite store.  We had a really hard time trying to find shoes for him at Target, realizing that his feet are really, really, really wide.  I was checking out Facebook, and realized that the Matilda Jane Art Fair was going on, and because of their 15 item limit... it sounded like there were several good pieces left to choose from.  We loaded up the car and Kevin dropped me off to get in line while the boys went shoe shopping.  Kevin came back with size 7.5 extra wide for Hudson.  Any other recommendations for brands that come in extra wide sizes?  Hannah is a 7.5 regular as she has narrow feet.

Oh my, the pretties!  So many dresses, so little budget!  My favorite dress is in the middle.  I didn't think I'd like that collar, but it looks so cute on!  The styles with a sash that tie bit her better, I think.  The dress on the right will look cute in the fall with a cream long sleeved tee-shirt under it, I think.

Did a lot of hanging out at home, last of the unpacking of suitcases, and trying to settle in to a "new normal." New normal also involves additional door locks to make certain rooms of the house unavailable to Hudson and a baby gated play yard where he can play safely while we can cook dinner, do laundry, and know that he's not getting into something he shouldn't. Little Mr. Curious wants to touch every button and open every door, drawer, and box he can get his hands on. He turned on the shop vac in the garage while we were chatting with the neighbor and got quite a fright! He ran pretty quickly to me and grabbed onto my legs for dear life!

We also figured out that Hudson's occasionally excitedly shouting dog in Chinese to Sedona.  It sounds like "go go."  So thankful he's using expressive language!  I wish I knew what other words we're missing.  Foster mama told us he just used their family's names, but obviously there's more if we can pick out "thank you" and "dog" from his happy baby jibber jabber.

I go back to work tomorrow morning.  It's been three weeks.  I hope I remember what it is I do there.

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  1. If you go to you can choose a size and a width for toddler shoes. You will find LOTS Of shoes in whatever toddler wide size you need. They are great with returns if they aren't just right. Best of luck!


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