Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ready... Set...

My check list is completed. Overdue library books returned. Looked like the dog was getting an eye infection, so I took her to the vet yesterday morning, and my suspicion was confirmed. All of the laundry is done, but not put away. Close enough, right? I woke up a few times in the middle of the night and looked at the alarm clock. Is it time to get up yet? At 7am I couldn't sleep any more, even though I'd planned on getting up at 8am. Let's do this! I can't wait anymore


The whole family was showered, dressed, and had bags packed at the front door before 9am. We hadn't planned on leaving until 11am. Um... what are we going to do for the next two hours?!?! Oh yeah, we're so excited that we forgot to eat. Let's go out for pancakes! I've heard this question a few times this morning. "Mama, are we going to Taiwan yet?!?!?!" Little man, Hudson... we are so overly ready for you. Here we come!


  1. wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to follow this journey lady!

  2. We are so excited that this day is finally travels!

  3. Safe travels and hope all of you are able to get some rest on the plane. Can't wait to see your family finally complete!!

  4. So happy for you!! Cannot wait to see him in your arms!!!!!

  5. WOW! I am a mother living in Sweden, 25 years ago I was waiting for my son to come from Css in Taiwan. Years fly but I can understand the feeling and wisch you all luck. I followed my son to USA four years back, we went there to meet his biologic mother. I am now going to write a book about it and are reading some nice bloogs like yours. You have a goodlooking girl! Have a nice trip to little brother! Mamma Eva


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