Monday, June 4, 2012

in flight

The flight was... long. Thankfully the candy supply and iPad battery lasted until we reached Taipei. We're so proud of how Hannah behaved on the flight and have told her this many times. There was only crying once, and I feel so badly about it. On the third flight Kevin and I had fallen asleep and there was some turbulence in the dark. We worke up to her crying that she wanted to go home! She was scared from the bumps and couldn't look to us for reassurance. I picked her up and she fell asleep on me while crying in only about three minutes. Diagnosis: overtired four year old.
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  1. awww poor Hannah! I am so glad that you were able to reassure and calm her quickly! I would have been scared as well! I love going to Taiwan, HATE FLYING! still petrified after 2 times. I just knew once I did it I would not be scared anymore, nope still scared and the over ocean part was the worse both times. Anyway, sorry for babbling on! Big hugs to you all!

  2. Woo to the hoo!!! You made exciting following along...I haven't followed anyone since we have been home with Eva....must have been that traumatic! =) You are sooooo close!

  3. Poor little sweetheart! Wow, 3 flights...Nolan was wiped out after two. Glad that you all made it there safely!

    Love, Tiffany


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