Sunday, May 13, 2012

sharing Grandmas

One of my grandmas passed away this week.  She was 87, lived a long life, and had been in a nursing home for several years.  She's had hospice care to make her feel more comfortable these last few weeks.  Her burial was Friday.

We explained what was happening the best we could to Hannah in an age appropriate way.  She was present for the calling hours and graveside service.  I'm very proud of how well Hannah listened to what was going on and behaved herself so well.

When getting Hannah ready for bed Friday night she remarked, "You cried today. You are sad because your Grandma died.". I responded, "Yes, I'm going to miss my Grandma.". Hannah thought about it and said, "You can talk to my Florida Grandma. And my other Grandma in Florida Grandma with white hair."  Love to all of the Grandmas that we share in our lives!  Nana, lake house Grandma, Florida Grandma, Grandma with white hair, and Taiwan Grandma are all very special people.


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