Friday, May 25, 2012

Hannah's thoughts from today

Heard from the back seat of the car tonight, "Mama, when we go to Taiwan is it going to be a long way... like going to __________ Lake?" (That's the two hour drive to Grandma and Grandpa's lake house.) Oh boy...
We had a little girl's time together after dinner. I look her to Dairy Queen and we ordered our usual dipped cones. Hannah always manages to get ice cream on the tip of her nose. :)

We had a hard time putting Hannah to bed tonight. Every once in awhile she draws out going to bed in a new way, like by needing new water in her cup, a different blanket, or a different stuffed animal. Tonight she was crying because she wanted to read books in bed. I gave her three books to look at in bed for some quiet time. Five minutes later I returned to her room because she was crying hysterically. "How am I going to read the words!?!?! I can't read the words! I don't know how to read the words!!!" I patted her back and told her "That's why you go to school. You're going to spend lots of time at school learning how to read these words. Books are lot more fun when you know how to read the words. That's why Nana has a job... to help kids learn how to read the words." Hannah requested to be rocked, and fell asleep in her daddy's arms in about 3 minutes.


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