Saturday, March 17, 2012

video: biker chick

photo (10)

We went to the toy store Friday night after dinner

photo (12)

and tested several bicycles to see what size and style would work for Hannah now

photo (11)

and would give her some growing room for the next few summers.

photo (9)

Of course, a bicycle that is PINK with STREAMERS and a BELL
and decorated with PINK CUPCAKES fits the bill perfectly.
The baby doll with no hair even gets to ride along!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm very proud of our little biker chick!


  1. Hannah looks like such a big girl on her bike! I love the baby carrier in the back and pink is perfect for her!

  2. I pretty proud of your biker chick too! She has awesome taste and looks adorable on her pinkalicious bike. I love it that she is happy and content with her training wheels too! Wish that I could say the same for Miss Allie... She doesn't want "baby wheels" as she calls them. She wants to ride hers with two wheels - just like her stinken brothers!!! This is already causing all kinds of anxiety for her mommy... Can't we just ride with training wheels for a little while? I'm not ready for helmets and crashes again... For crying out loud - Coen didn't learn how to ride his until just a couple years ago! Iyiyieeeee... So happy that Miss Hannah didn't have to wait for the Easter bunny to bring her ride and is able to take advantage of the wonderful weather we're having this spring! I can tell she was totally ready for this one! Once Allie learns how to ride on those two wheels, maybe I'll let her pick out a nice ride like Hannah's. All I could think about was pinkalicious paint all over our driveway if I purchased one for Allie and she refuses to use the training wheels! LOL... We'll see! Miss you guys - hope we can get together sooooooon!

    1. Oh no! I can't imagine the craze that would be going through my head if Hannah wanted to get rid of her training wheels already. I wanted the Easter Bunny to bring the a bicycle, but this beautiful weather in the 70s SCREAMED bike and we just had to get one early to enjoy time outside. Miss you, too!

  3. I love the bike!!! :) and how cute it can have a baby carrier!! :) So sweet! and wow she is good at riding!!! And I must say you have the PERFECT driveway to ride bikes and such :) What a blessing! :)


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