Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPhone photos from this week


Daddy is feeling a little under the weather tonight.
Hannah and I went out for dinner to give Daddy some peace and quiet at home.
Hannah requested to go to see our friends at "Peng You's Restaurant," our neighborhood Chinese restaurant. She likes noodles, chicken on a stick, shrimp, hot and sour soup,
and spring rolls. We learned how to say restaurant in Mandarin. cān tīng


When we opened our fortune cookies Hannah's asked, "What's it say?"
I replied, "You need to clean up your room. It is too messy!"
We both laughed!


Our little artist has been busy making masterpieces this week.
Rainbows are a recurring subject in her work.


Hannah also drew my portrait. I had no idea that my complexion was purple!


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