Thursday, February 2, 2012

photos from Hannah's 4th birthday party

Get out your toothbrush. This post is so sweet and sugary
that if you don't brush after reading it you might get a cavity!

Thanks to Lora for these four photos! They're my favorites!

Teresa and Lora helped out in the kitchen.

We had cupcakes (and more cupcakes), fresh fruit, taco chips and a dip tray,
Valentine peanut M&Ms, pink lemonade, soft drinks, and coffee.

I can't believe we really fit 40 people in to our little house.

Decorating cupcakes and cookies is one of Hannah's favorite things to do,
so of course we had to let everyone decorate their own cupcake. Kids went first.

Hannah accessorized her party dress on her own that day.

That's my girl!

Gabriella thinks this was a good idea, too.

Allie and Lora look like they're having a good time.

We bought a cupcake pinata and stuffed it full of all kinds of candies. We didn't have anything to hang it from, so Kevin held it. We didn't blindfold the kids. We started with Hannah letting her swing a big stick at it first. She didn't make a dent in it. We went from the youngest to oldest, letting them take several whacks at the cupcake, but it was tough! It was a little nerve wracking to watching the kids swing that stick and trying to stop them from smacking each other with it. The bigger kids fought hard with the pinata, and Lora's boys started to make a little progress. Finally, the oldest kid at the party, the neighbor girl across the street, took a couple of big hard whacks at the cupcake and it rained down candy.

A big thank you goes out to my mom and dad for helping with chairs and tables and to Teresa for getting supplies for and facilitating a round of the Grand Prize Game. Hannah has played with the heart shaped buckets and ping pong balls every day since the party!

The sweetest thing about the whole day was watching Hannah
hold hands of both of her friends Allie and Gabriella
and run around the house with them. Big smiles. Pure joy!


  1. So what exact day was Hannah's birthday? You had a very cute party, I love the idea of decorating cupcakes. We might have to do that one next year, I don't think three year olds could handle it:)

    1. Thank you. It was fun, but a little stressful! I can appreciate why lots of people rent out places to have parties instead of have them in their own home! Hannah's birthday is January 22nd. My nephew is turning three in about a month and he could decorate his cupcake with lots of supervision. Agreed. Four year olds decorating cupcakes is much better than three year olds decorating cupcakes. We don't have any carpet in the public areas of our home, so sprinkle debris clean up isn't bad at all.

  2. What a fun party!! I love all of those cupcakes. I agree, probably 4 year olds are best. Lexie could decorate cookies and cupcakes when she was 2, but she spends more time eating all of the decorations. Now that she's almost 3, it's a lot better, but she needs to be highly supervised.

  3. What a great day you all had. Happy 4th birthday Hannah!

  4. Looks like the party was a huge success! Happy Birthday to Hannah!

  5. You did an incredible job with Hannahs birthday party! Gabriella is still talking about how much fun she had!!


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