Sunday, February 26, 2012

apartment and condo rentals in Taipei

This post serves as an index of sites where you can rent an apartment for a short term in Taipei. I'm using this to collect the information for myself and share with others that are interested. I'll add more links as I find them.

Trip Advisor - I like this site best

I'm seriously considering renting an apartment in Taipei for when we travel to Taiwan to meet Hudson. Because we're planning on traveling with Hannah, we need to go very light on luggage in order to have hands free for two little ones. Kevin and I are planning on only bringing four days worth of clothing with us and washing clothes at the apartment. Most likely Hudson will come with clothing and shoes that he's been wearing while living with his foster family.

We're planning on flying coach this time around. Business class was SWEET when we traveled for Hannah, but we can't justify the added cost this time around with Hannah. We will buy Hudson his own seat for the ride home so we'll have plenty of butt room for everyone.


  1. This is so neat to me! I can't wait to follow along and see how this works out for you :) Maybe when God sends us back we will follow your example and rent an apartment. On the flying we flew Evergreen Deluxe going to get Noah (at that time the travel agent got us an upgrade with no extra cost. It was wonderful and we loved it. Going for Jeremiah we flew economy. It was still very nice but not as nice, but we survived. I am sure y'all will do fine. Will you fly EVA?? My only ever flights were to get each boy so I am not real smart about flying. Praying for good news for yall soon! :)

    1. We most likely will not fly EVA. They don't have good connections from where we live, and are much more expensive with those bad connections.


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