Thursday, January 12, 2012

will smile for candy necklaces

Wanted to share a few funnies from today.

Offer Hannah a candy necklace and she's ready to pose!


Nana emailed me this morning about having Hannah over last night: "Funny at dinner. Nana said if you eat all your broccoli tops, do you want ice cream with sprinkles? Hannah chomped into the broccoli. Papa said, guess you need the right carrot? Hannah said, these aren't carrots!"


A phrase we hear a lot in the evening is "I'm not tired. I'm not tired!"
Tonight, I think she was tired!
I can't believe that she slept sitting up through an entire 45 minute Target trip.
She usually RUNS down the isles laughing and can't wait to see the toys.

Hudson's room has been painted and wood laminate flooring was installed yesterday. We moved all of Hannah's baby furnishings into Hudson's room today, cleaned them up, and changed the toddler bed back into a crib. We still have some some work with to do with accessorizing the walls and such, but it's really starting to look like a little dude sleeps there! I'll share photos when we're all done. Obviously, I have loved putting together special rooms for our children. Hannah's room was inspired by the mural of a plum blossom tree with everything pink and brown. Hudson's is a space theme with rockets, stars, planets in blue, green, and brown encouraging him to "dream, explore, and grow."


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