Sunday, January 22, 2012

our princess turns four

i am four

Phrases that we've heard a lot of this past week:
"I'm so excited for my birthday!"
"Can I help make the cupcakes?"
"What shoes should I wear with my party dress?"
"I wanna help!"
"Right now I'm three, but on my birthday I'll be four."
"How many sleeps until my birthday?"

This mama is very tired of cleaning, worrying how all of these people are going to fit in my little house, making 5 batches of cupcakes between 11-3am and waking up at 8:15am to a little voice asking "Can I put on my party dress yet?" I decided it was all worth it when I watched Hannah running around the house laughing and holding hands with BOTH Allie and Gabriella. Daddy agrees, that was his favorite moment of the day.

I don't have many photos of the day as I was busy with FORTY PEOPLE in my little house. We invited everyone that Hannah asked to invite, and all came! Hopefully our family and friends that took photos will email some to me. Hint hint. Nudge nudge.

Hannah's favorite present: a hula hoop.

Mama and Daddy gave Hannah a gold Belle dress and crown, with a promise let her wear the dress when we take her to see Beauty and the Beast 3D in the movie theater. She's planning the popcorn and candy purchases already!

The hair clip that she's wearing today was a gift that Hannah received on the first day we met her. I can't remember who the clip is from, but knowing that it is from a birth family member or a nanny at the baby house makes the clip an extra special accessory on a very special day.

i am four outtakes


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah! What a beautiful girl. I love the bow, and the meaning behind the bow. Enjoy the movie, it was fantastic:) I think we think alike a lot:)

  2. Hannahs birthday party was PERFECT yesterday! Your home was filled with happiness, giggles, laughter and people who loved spending the day together celebrating your beautiful baby girls 4th birthday!!!

    1. Teresa, Thank you. The house was sure filled! I counted people after they all left. FOURTY. Still can't believe it.

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah! I cannot believe she is four. It feels like just yesterday that I followed your journey to bring her home.

  4. Adorable pictures! My girls love hula hooping too.

    Happy birthday Hannah!

  5. Happy Birthday Princess! How special she had so many dear people there with her on her special day :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Princess Hannah! Bet you have lots of fun! May you with good health!


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