Saturday, January 28, 2012

CNY with the little peeps


Our family welcomed in the year of the dragon tonight with good food...


good friends, new and old...
{yes, getting the kids rounded up for this photo
was more difficult than herding cats!}


crafts for the kids...

finished dragon cake

a dragon cake that looked pretty cool...
until a case of Coke fell on top of it while we
rounded a curve four minutes from our destination.



There was some yelling from inside our vehicle as we
examined the injuries sustained by our dragon.

Tip: Don't put other objects anywhere near a special cake
when transporting it in your car. Even if you think it's so heavy
that it won't budge, you could be wrong.

Very wrong.


Hooray for our Taiwanese blessings!
Who cares about the smashed cake when you're around this much cuteness?


Double Happiness.


Watching Mr. Personality work the crowd cracked me up!


  1. Looks wonderful! Where was the party? It looks like a movie set. and, I could see no damage to the cake - did you use a bundt pan to make it? How blessed you are to have a great community to celebrate with. we ate egg rolls and rice here, just our family. I'm so happy for your great time and so much cuteness!!

    Sally Healy

    1. Sally, The party was at a church, and the pics were taken on stage at the church's life center. Damage to the cake was on the back side. Yes, used 2.5 cakes baked in a bundt pan.


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