Tuesday, November 22, 2011

reading Chinese, pretty mommies, and babies

Daddy told me some interesting stories about this day with Hannah tonight. He's been scanning documents of Hannah's and scrapbooks handwritten in Chinese so that we have copies of them for safekeeping. Here's the story as it was told to me.
Hannah, "Daddy, what are you doing?"
Kevin, "I'm making copies of your papers that are in Chinese."
Hannah, "Why you do that?"
Kevin, "Because these are special, and Mommy and I can't read Chinese."
Hannah, "But I can read Chinese!"
Kevin, "Oh, really!"
Hannah, "Yi, er, san!" [One, two, three in Mandarin.]

Hannah has seen photos of us together with her birth family before, but not this particular photo of her birth mother.
Hannah, "Who's that?"
Kevin, "That's your Taiwan mommy."
Hannah, "But not my Sarah mommy."
Kevin, "No. She's your Taiwan mommy [insert name]."
Hannah, "She's pretty."
Kevin, "Yes, she's very pretty. And we think she looks a lot like you."

My sister had a baby yesterday and we visited her family at the hospital last night. We've been talking a lot about babies in the house lately, who's tummy they come out of, and who's tummy each of our family members came out of. I was taking a shower before leaving for work this afternoon. Hannah came into the bathroom with a blanket all wrapped up. "Look, Mommy! I had a baby, too!"


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