Thursday, October 13, 2011

fall family photos

I'm really bad about taking photos of our whole family.

It's just so much fun to snap away with this little blessing
in front of my lens and not worry about what I look like.

I finally decided to have a family session with my photographer friend Pam.

And I'm so glad we did.

Because this is how I want to remember our little family.

Having fun. All together.

A little nutty, too.

♥ Happy 10th wedding anniversary to my best friend, my husband, my love. ♥


  1. These are GREAT! What a beautiful family!

    PS. Hannah is always wearing the most adorable clothing and accessories! LOVE her outfit and head band!!!

  2. These are SOOO great!!! Love them!

  3. These are great pictures!!!! Big smiles make the picture perfect!!!
    I like taking the pictures more that being in them, too. :)

  4. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!! Hannah is adorable as usual and love her top and headband!! Can't wait to see the little guy in those pictures real soon!


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