Monday, July 4, 2011

mini driving lessons

We picked up Hannah's first set of wheels this weekend, a itty bitty Mini Cooper. Hannah and Daddy put it together last night. Kevin would ask for a wheel, and Hannah would bring it shouting, "Here, Daddy! I get it for you!!!" When Kevin would ask for the windsheld. "Windshield?!?! What's a windshield???" So funny! While I was at work today, Daddy said that she sat in her car most of the day waiting for the battery to charge up. After dinner Daddy gave Hannah her first driving lesson. We learned that she's a little too short to press the pedal down all of the way. Kevin has put a towel behind Hannah's back to scoot her forward a bit so she can reach the pedal. It's so cute to see that huge smile on her face when she's sitting in her car. Love that girl!

Of course, Kevin is already researching all of the mods that one can do to kid's ride on toys. Apparently three year olds need a place to hook up their iPods and extra accessory lighting for their Power Wheels cars.


  1. That was too cute!! I loved how Hannah kind of questioned whether she should go down onto the street.
    I have to use that towel idea. Lexie can't reach the pedals to her car either. What a simple fix!

  2. so cute. our boy drove like that the first few days....then he got the hang of it and races around the yard now.

  3. Kevin - she's 3. No mods needed. Wait until she's 16 for that! :)

  4. hi, I'm a new reader, your little girl is so cute! May I contact you about adopting from Taiwan? Thank you.


  5. Wow that’s really sweet, love the video. Your daughter must have enjoyed her mini car drive. Lovely post.

  6. I just found your blog. I live in Indianapolis. My husband and I have been looking into China adoption and feel overwhelmed. Taiwan looks good, but I'm seeing most programs closed. I'd love to chat. Please email me at beppi_girl at hotmail dot com. Thank you.



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