Monday, May 9, 2011

more thoughts on potty training

Hannah's gone from wearing pull-ups and telling us "No, I can't want it." when we ask if she needs to go potty... to a week free of accidents with multiple poops in the potty as well. She now thinks that going potty in a public restroom is fun. She'll tell us twice in large stores like Walmart and Target that she needs to go... and off we go to the bathrooms. The big fun is to tell Mommy that I can't come in... and she wants to climb her little hiney up the potty all by herself. "Don't come in! I do it myself!" She doesn't have any modesty issues... she's still a streaker at home. It's all about control and independence with Little Miss.

I think our turning point was at Lora's house. I had Hannah in pull-ups because it was a travel day, but was telling her once an hour that she needed to come try to make peepee with me. Somehow we got Allie to come into the bathroom with us, with Allie on the big potty and Hannah on the little potty at the same time. Apparently that was lots of fun with plenty of giggles and smiles. Never would have imagined that another three year old would potty train my three year old.

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  1. Okay, Now you have me laughing at this because I used Hannah for equal measure last week!
    Allie STILL wears a pull-up to bed and I happen to feel like its time to wean her of that. She's been potty trained since she was two and she'll be four in August:) I let her hear me telling her daddy about Hannah getting up sometime in the middle of the night and removing her pull up and putting on her "big girl panties" all by herself... Allie was hanging on every word and wanted to hear all about it! I told her what a big girl Hannah was and that I was proud of her. She has mentioned it a couple of times and I keep reminding her that I leave on her bathroom light at night so all she has to do is get out of bed and go use the potty. She has woken up a couple of times and screamed for me to come help her, but for the most part she is sleeping right through it... I told her this afternoon that Hannah was coming over to play with us tomorrow morning and she told me that she wanted to sleep in her big girl panties tonight! LOL...Hey, What ever works! :}


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