Monday, April 4, 2011

my little bulldog

We've been talking a lot about "bulldogs" at home with my team doing so well in the tournament. Tonight after dinner I called a friend that owns a real bulldog and asked if we could stop by before the game to see her dog. Hannah was very interested in this big snorting wrinkled dog, but didn't want to pet him.

Our team didn't win the national championship tonight, but it was a fun ride. Thanks for the fun, guys. Proud of the Butler Way. Proud to be a Butler Bulldog.

Hannah started preschool aged swim classes today. I didn't realize it until last night that parents wouldn't be in the water with the preschoolers ages 3-5. I was so worried about how Hannah would be on her own with a high school aged instructor aka a STRANGER. She warmed up to Molly way quicker than I could have ever imagined and I beamed while watching Hannah hold on to a noodle and kick her way around the pool. That's my girl! :)

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  1. Oh it was a sad, sad night last night! Hopefully Hannah will not be too scarred by the experience (though I might be!). If you want to restore her faith in basketball the Notre Dame women's team plays for the national champtionship TONIGHT!!!!!! Go Irish!


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