Thursday, April 21, 2011

lady stickers, dress up, and cupcakes


Hannah and I enjoyed a play date at Allie and Lora's house today!


Hannah and I brought a long one of Hannah's favorite activities that she refers to as "lady stickers."


I get a kick out of hanging Picasso-like art on my refrigerator, and I appreciate that the collection of ladies are of a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.


It wasn't long before Hannah said, "I want to wear a crown," and Allie readily shared her dress up clothes with Hannah.


Stinkin' cute, I know!


They're gamers already at age three.


Lora had baked spring time cupcakes and the girls got to eat all of the frosting and sprinkles they wanted decorate them.


Lora's daughter Allie is a master at cupcake art.


My daughter is more interested in shoveling large quantities of frosting and sprinkles into her mouth.


She didn't learn this from watching me, I swear.


Looking forward to seeing you ladies again when it's warmer and we can play outside!


  1. Love those lady stickers! Where did you get them? Allie and Hannah are just adorable together. What a fun day!

  2. Michelle, These are made by Melissa and Doug. I link in the post to where I bought our first pack. Our local hardware store has a gift section where they carry Melissa and Doug toys, and we can buy them there, too.

  3. What a blessing to be close together for these visits yall have together :) Your sweet Hannah looks like she has the cutest personality! Can't wait to meet y'all in Texas :) The lady stickers are soo neat and it is hard to find things with multicultural faces so that is a great find mama! Wonder if they have anything for little boys similar. I need to investigate! Thanks for sharing your fun day :)

  4. What cute little girls! Families are the best! Do you plan to add another child any time soon? She looks like she would be a wonderful sister!

  5. Mom, We've been planning and waiting for #2 for nearly two years. :)

  6. Sarah,
    I'm just now getting around to checking blogs! Pathetic, I know! I ask myself all the time "where does my time go"? LOL! No, you don't have to remind me because I've spent the day listening to each of them remind me at least every 5 minutes...
    These pictures are so beautiful Sarah. I'm going to frame them and put them in her room. Much better than the one I have in there now. Allie was standing beside me a little bit ago and told me over and over again how much she likes playing with her Hannah. She also told me that she really likes Hannah because Hannah shares her Lady Stickers! Thank you for leaving the rest of them for Allie. She has played with them for the last 2 days!
    Yes, we are ready for an outside playdate too. Swing set, Sandbox and pool would sure be nice...
    Let me know what ya have open in May!

  7. Love, love, love frosting pictures. Aiden and Hannah could probably make a large dent in a can of frosting! The lady stickers look fun too!

  8. Oh my word....such beautiful little girls in the most adorable pics!!!

    Love and blessings,


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