Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I-600A approval

Our I-600A approval came today in our mail box. We're one step closer to a second child. :)

Last night we has some unexpected sass from Miss Hannah. Kevin asked Hannah to bring him something. She was taking her sweet time. Daddy told her to quit messing around and get to it. Hannah replied in an exasperated tone, "I'm working on it, Daddy!"

That phrase is SO something that Kevin uses with me when I'm telling him to do something! Haha!


  1. Congrats on another check mark on journey to your 2nd sweetie! :) Hannah sounds adorable! It is so neat to see ourselves and hubbies in our kids! I have recently had someone outside the family see Bobby in Noah! So cool :)

    Happy Easter to your family,

  2. Congratulations on you I-600A approval! That is a big relief:)


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