Thursday, March 17, 2011


One of Hannah's favorite activities since her third birthday is puzzles. Several family members and Mama and Daddy have purchased her wooden puzzzle sets from Melissa and Doug and Target's Circo brand. The 12 piece puzzles are too simple for her now, the 24 piece puzzles are just right for her to complete on her own, and she needs some assistance with the 48 piece puzzles so that she doesn't become frustrated. It's been amazing to watch her little brain develop strategy over the last two months.

I took a little video today as I watched her complete some puzzles. So proud of my smart cookie!


  1. Wow she is super smart and absolutely adorable too!!

  2. Lexie loves those Melissa and Doug puzzles. I also have wooden ones that are shaped like dinosaurs. Every night she has to do a puzzle.

  3. She is so cute as she concentrates on these puzzles! Puzzles really are great for problem son loves them, too!

  4. Adorable! Love that little smarty pants!
    Allie has been practicing up on her puzzle skills too. Can't wait to see you guys again! I'll have to break out the new puzzles...


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