Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A little before 8am this morning we were wanded by security and entered the waiting room for immigration. Hannah has a cold and isn't feeling well. She held tightly to one of her favorite flannel blankies. The immigration office has rows of plastic chairs that fold up like movie theater chairs. There are glass covered windows and one can talk with an immigration officer through the glass windows. We sat down in the front row of chairs to wait our turn and Hannah loudly asked, "Are we going to see a movie???"

We had a pretty awful trip because Hannah isn't feeling well, but I'll spare you the gross details. The bright spot of the trip was spending an hour in the pool with our little fish! Mommy really enjoyed well deserved time in the jacuzzi tub, too!


  1. She is cuter every time I see a picture of her :) Sorry she is feeling yucky. I can relate. Hope all went well with the appointment!

  2. Hello! My husband Michael and I are interested in adopting from Taiwan. If you have time we would love to know more about your experience!

    Thank you!
    Brooke Annessa


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