Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"I go peng you."

Hannah used a Chinese word in a sentence today. Around dinner time she told her dada, "I go peng you." Peng you = friend. Kevin figured out pretty quickly that she wanted to go to our local Chinese restaurant for dinner to see our friends and eat lots of noodles, tofu out of hot and sour soup, rice, and broccoli. So proud of our girl! AND... I was happy to find carry out waiting for me when I arrived home from work. Yum!


  1. You should be proud Momma!
    Peng you is one of Libby's Chinese words too :)
    We got the Little Pim videos last week. They are learning Chinese videos for toddlers. I got them half off so I thought it was worth a try. We haven't watched them yet. I'll let you know how we do with them :)

  2. Which Chinese place do you go to?

    Are there any in Ft. Wayne that offer dim sum?

  3. Hope this doesn't come up twice- was having trouble with google & posting.

    I was just wondering what your Chinese place of choice is and if there are any Chinese places in Ft. Wayne that offer dim sum.

  4. According to a food critic with the News Sentinel, there isn't anyplace in Fort Wayne serving Dim Sum. Note we don't live in Fort Wayne but in the area. Because we don't talk about exactly where we live on the blog, I won't reveal our favorite place. We sometimes go to China Palace and the House of Hunan... so I'd call those our favorites in Fort Wayne proper. We REALLY like the green curry at Baan Thai, and that's definitely our go to place for Thai.


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