Monday, February 21, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 (2 of 3)

A little back blogging, mostly for myself as I don't want to forget these special events. Our second CNY party was with a group of very local adoptive families. All of the other families have little ones, all girls, from China. I love getting together with other adoptive families, but the very local ties are especially important... as these are the people we see at the grocery store and at school. I think it's really healthy for our families to get to know each other.


Kevin's mother once again had the honor of distributing the red envelopes to the children, as she was the eldest of the group. She just beams getting to talk to all of the little kids.

cnyparty2group_web (censored for privacy)

The girls were all so cute. I censored their faces as I don't want to offend any local friends. Hannah really enjoyed playing with the oldest kids. They played with a balloon hitting it into the air over and over while Hannah shrieked with laughter.


  1. Well here is what Allie has to say about this picture of Hannah Claire with her friends:

    WOW Mommy look at that picture of My Hannah Claires with all them peoples!
    (long pause~deep in thought)
    Mommmmmy, thems too many people with My Hannah Claires.
    (another pause, this time with a deep sigh)
    (Very quietly) Mommy I am missin my Hannah Claires today...
    I know you are sweetheart.

    Big brother chimes in now with his two cents~ "Allie, are you feeling jealous?"

    No! I'm not jealous! Go away!
    Mommy, I don't likes them other peoples...

    Allie, it's okay if you are sad because you are not in that picture with Hannah Claire.

    Mommy, Hannah Claire is mine... She is My Hannah Claire!
    Allie, Hannah Claire belongs to her Mommy and Daddy.
    No! I'm not jealous! She's mine!
    Hannah CLaire is mine! Mine Mine Miiiine!
    (long pause)
    Mommy, Im missn my Hannah CLaires. Mommy I want my Hannah Claires, Mommy...Mommy...Mommy!
    Are you listening to me Mommy?

    Yes Allie, I hear you.
    Well, then do sumptin about it Mommy.
    What would you like me to do about Allie?

    Brother chimes in again and offers up that one of those people with the little mask covering their face could perhaps be Allie(?)

    Allie jumps right on it! Yes, that is me. That is me right there beside My Hannah Claires! See it Mommy? See it? I'm one of them peoples and I'm with my Hannah Claires! :)

  2. i love these!
    great pictures!
    the little faces are a hoot!


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