Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loving Family (TM)

We've started Christmas shopping. Last night we took Hannah to Toys R Us and she exclaimed "Toy Story!" as we entered the store. She was pretty excited, to say the least. Everything thrills her. We're blessed that she's just happy to play with everything and doesn't beg for it to come home with her. She likes Fancy Nancy and Princess themed dress up items (hat tip to play dates with Miss Allie), wooden train sets, bicycles, scooters, power wheels cars, and anything with the characters of Toy Story and Cars.

With his 15% off one item coupon in hand, Kevin snuck away to buy the Loving Family (TM) dollhouse and slip it in the back of the car. We had to choose between Caucasian or African American family set. This loving family here at "my little lantern" doesn't look like the families on either of the boxes. With the help of eBay, on Christmas morning Hannah's Loving Family (TM) will include an Asian girl, an Asian baby boy, and a little dog too. Oh, and there's an African American girlfriend for the Asian girl arriving as well. Loving Families come in every shape and size. It just took a little extra effort and help from eBay to put together family members that didn't match right out of the box.


  1. Awesome! I'll bet she's going to love it.

    By the way, if you ever find a Eurasian Loving Family figurine, give me a shout, tee hee...

  2. Oh its SO glorious when they are little enough that you sneak away and make those all important purchases!!!

    And what did we ever do without Ebay?? I think the diversity rocks and its beyond perfect that your Loving Family will be reflected in her gifts this year!!!

  3. So cute! Adlie loves her doll house I think Hannah will too!

  4. How funny! I have an african american set of the family that I just posted on ebay myself in the UK!!!

    The house looks gorgeous!!

  5. I love the doll house and your planned additions to the family:)

  6. LOVE the dollhouse and that you can fin the figures to fit your needs! :) I am in search of an asian Fireman for Noah :) lol

    Miss Hannah sounds like a well rounded fun girl :) I bet she is a delight!

  7. I have to look into this Loving Family Collection since Lexie is finally showing some interest in dolls. That dollhouse rocks!


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