Wednesday, October 13, 2010

progress and some photo pages

Behind the scenes, we've been busy on our quest for number two. All of our home study documents have been submitted to our home study agency except for our physical forms. We'll be finishing up with those next week. We got mail from the USCIS to let us know that they received our I-600A and we would soon be receiving a biometric (fingerprinting) appointment letter. Thank you very much, Department of Homeland Security. I finished our family photo scrapbooked pages for our Taiwan placement agency as well as a letter of introduction. So... I haven't digiscrapped in forever. It was a little painful to put these together as Kevin had to keep Hannah away from me for an afternoon and evening. She wants to sit on my lap or on my desk and point at photos all over my computer screen when she sees me sitting at my computer.

Next on my agenda is completing the rest of our dossier documents for our Taiwan placement agency. Have to keep remembering to follow the instructions and use a blue pen!


  1. Beautiful scrapbook! It's amazing to see how much Hannah has grown. I used to be a scrapbooker (not digital, but actual cutting/pasting). It was easy to do in the beginning because Lexie slept a lot, but now she wants to touch all of the pictures and stickers and scissors. I don't know if I'll every make another scrapbook. It's much easier now to just make a photobook on the computer. Good luck on all of your documents!!

  2. They look wonderful Sarah!!!

    Literally a "labor of love" and gosh it makes it all seem that much more real!!!

    Its so exciting to be cheering you guys on, albiet from afar, BUT this time I have the joy of watching from the beginning!!!

    AND I need to take an afternoon to scrapbook too.....sooooo woefully behind these days! :)

  3. Very Cute Photo Pages! I loved seeing all the pics!

  4. Sarah,

    You are BLESSED with such a talent my friend! Beautiful pages! :) I am so happy for your family that things are progressing towards blessing number 2 :) May I aks what agency you are with? Your home is beautiful :) I wish I lived closer and you could teach me just a bit about how you made all those wonderful pages :)

    Praying for your youngest now :) God already knows which child is yours :) Can't wait till you know :)


  5. Nice work Sarah!!!! Thinking of you and your family as you chase.... :)

    Heather p.


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