Thursday, October 21, 2010

my little pumpkin

Some of my favorite photos I've taken of Hannah are pumpkin photos from last year. As I look back on them tonight, it amazes me how much she's changed in one year. One year ago, my little pumpkin was in physical therapy and said a handful of words. She was just beginning to walk so that she didn't fall down all of the time. Now... she runs, jumps, hops, and CLIMBS. She says funny things on purpose because she knows she'll make us laugh.

Our photo shoot didn't start off so well. This afternoon I dressed her in the same dress, now a shirt, that she wore in last year's photos. It barely fits. Well, it was a little chilly, and pretty windy. My little pumpkin was ready for a nap and was not into it. She cried, got red faced, snotted all over, and threw a fit. Very photogenic, right? Those photos were pretty much all deleted and Kevin and I were both majorly frustrated. We packed up in the car and Hannah screamed all the way home. She must have been pretty tired, because she napped for nearly three hours this afternoon. This was a photography fail, for sure.

After her nap and an early dinner, I asked Hannah if we could go see the pumpkins again. She agreed, and then asked for some of my cheesy crackers. Ding! A bribe! So, I bribed Hannah to pose for photos for me with a package of cheesy crackers. Kevin worked really hard at being my jester by balancing baby pumpkins on his head, and we were table to get these shots.






The first one is my favorite. That's my funny girl! Number three is antiqued and feels a little moody. I adore the bokeh and bright red colors in the trees in number four!


Sunday after the wedding, my cousin's wife and I crafted some elastic headbands. Brandy made the light blue flowered one and the fabric flowered while headband while I made the others. I'd browsed many things like this on Etsy and decided to make my own. Tips I learned: Use upholstery thread for sewing elastic together, flowers on headbands, and buttons on flowers. Regular thread won't be strong enough. The feathers instantly dressed up the flowers. I'm really glad that I bought them. If they fall off, I've got a whole bag of replacements and can just hot glue more on.


  1. She could NOT be any cuter!! I wish you could come take pictures of my kids. The pictures are great.

  2. beautiful pictures! thanks for the tip on the headbands. I think my daughter would look precious in these.
    You should consider selling these!

  3. Boo-ti-ful lil pumpkin!!!! Love the headbands - thanks for the tips.

  4. Great shots of a real cutiepie. I know that photography fail feeling well; I tried my hand at a few pumpkin patch shots with William this morning on his nursery school field trip. Alas, some days it really does take a an accommodating assistant and a good bribe.

  5. love these pictures :) I would save the ones from the first shoot, someday you may wish you had them, crying or not. Not to publish, just to have. One of the sweetest photos of Celeste I have were her very first photo shoot where she was either crying and me trying to comfort her or sleeping. We left the photo place (they gave a free shoot and proofs as a gift to babies born at the hospital Celeste was born in) and said we would do a shoot when she was older or in a better mood. She was a preemie and so tiny. Well, the studio was SMART and they kept those shots and then when we went back for the photo shoot later with a smilely Celeste they showed us all the pics! The ones we thought were a wash were the best! :) I treasure them :) lol sorry if I am boring you! lol

    Happy fall

  6. Simply beautiful (the pictures and the sweet subject)!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Loved all of those pumpkins and of course, your little pumpkin as well. I don't think Hannah could take a bad picture. She is just too cute!! I know what you mean about bribery. My husband is a photographer and he's very patient with his client's children, but it's a different story when they're your own. So we make sure we have lots of Lexie's favorite snacks and toys so we can get a cooperative model.

  8. Beautiful and Fun! Love that grin and that skirt!

  9. Try E6000 for attaching the flowers and feathers to the headbands. A little goes a long way.

  10. Love the pictures! And the sunflower hairband is so adorable. If I had girls... definitely would want one! =)

  11. I am in love with your pictures! LOL You do such an amazing job! Not to mention you have a beautiful model. ;) BTW, where did you get that cute outfit and jacket in the first pics? I want you to go shopping for me! Her clothes are just adorable!

  12. Oh, how adorable is she! Thanks for sharing these photos... made me smile after a long day.

  13. She is gorgeous! And, I have to ask--where in the world did you get that outfit with the striped tights? I LOVE that ensemble! Any chance you sell your hand-me-downs? :)

  14. Kelly, The tights and dress are Matilda Jane. The line is sold via in-home parties by "trunk keepers" and not in stores, but you can find plenty of new and used being old on eBay. I think the jacket is from Target.


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