Sunday, August 1, 2010

out of the mouths of babes

Tonight we went to our neighborhood Chinese buffet for dinner. As usual, we're always welcomed by the staff and EVERYBODY there knows Hannah's Chinese name and talks to her. Towards the end of dinner, a large party of about 20 people were seated next to us. The majority of the party was Korean American and the adults were most likely conversing in Korean. At some point Hannah turned around in her high chair to look at the group and the cutie little Korean girl sitting behind her. Hannah turned back to me with a big grin on her face and exclaimed, "Taiwan!!!"

I heart this girl! We also had a big event after dinner. Alert the media. Hannah made pee pee AND poo poo in her little pink potty for the FIRST time tonight. We've celebrated with chocolate, high fives, hugs, and quarters to put in her piggy bank. She also requested to watch Toy Story, so Hannah and I snuggled under a blanket and watched the first half of the movie together. Daddy went to the store and bought her Tinkerbell panties. Thanks to Carmen, she gave me a heads up long ago that little panties don't come in sizes small enough for our little tiny girl's bottoms. We'll be going to Nana's house tomorrow for some tailoring of the Tinkerbelle panties so that a 2T can be fashioned to fit a 12-18 month waist.


  1. Yay Hannah for potty action! Good luck!

  2. What an accomplishment! Way to go, Hannah!!

  3. Oh No! Don't alter them yet!!!
    They shrink! Wash them a few more times and dry those sucker on high heat!
    LOL.... I have some that will probably fit her and will give them to you next week:)

  4. Way to go Hannah! Now, I hear from my fellow moms of tiny hineys that the Wal Mart disney brand undies are much smaller than other 2T undies...Aiden has a friend at gymboree that is probably smaller than Hannah and they fit her fine!

  5. yay for tinkerbelle big girl panties!!! I wish I had a hard time finding panties to fit my hiney!!
    Yay for Hannah Claire!!

  6. Kelli, thanks for the tip! Kevin just happened to get Disney panties at Walmart. They will do just fine. Amazed me! She wears 12-18 month pants and the Disney 2T panties fit like 18 month.


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