Tuesday, August 17, 2010

monkey see, monkey do


Monkey SEE,


Monkey DO.

Every time we go to Lora and Allie's house to play, Hannah comes home with new tricks. Playing with Allie taught her how to play dress up and jump on beds. Unfortunately, Hannah climbs up on to our big bed and jumps all of the time. Then Allie taught her how to do somersaults. Hannah refers to these as "Allie-saults" and likes to attempt these on our big bed after she tires of jumping activities. This week Hannah learned how to pretend to take pictures with a camera and how to walk in dress up high heels. Last but not least, Allie welcomed Hannah into the world of Barbies. Hannah enjoyed using the elevator and flushing the toilet in the Barbie Dream House.


Allie, do you do potty training, too? Lora, Kevin's already checking reviews online for power wheels for next summer. It tickled me how much Hannah REALLY wanted to go sit on Allie's power wheels and would scamper over to the seat as soon as she saw that Allie was done with it.

Lora took all sorts of pics of the girls in their dress up clothes. Surely she'll post some pics when she has a chance (wink wink nudge nudge) and I'll link to that post here when she does. {Added later: Here's the link to Lora's post with the dress up pics!} My favorite moment was helping Hannah slip into play high heels. Hannah wasn't sure what to think as the shoes were obviously huge on her. When she tried to walk and struggled, I commented that "High heels are hard to walk in, that's why Mommy doesn't wear them." Hannah replied, "Hard to walk in." Then Hannah and Allie scampered over to the play kitchen and cooked in high heels. Lora must cook in high heels, because those girls certainly didn't learn that from watching me.

Lora and I both share a friend of a friend that is an adult Taiwanese American adoptee in her 30s who was adopted as an infant together with her twin sister. The twins reunited with their birth family this summer. She said that it was relatively easy to find the family after 35 years because of the national household registration system. We enjoyed lunch together and she shared some of her stories from her trip. I'm not going to share more details, but this... this is the good stuff. The sisters are talking about writing a book. I hope they do.

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