Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2.5 year old checkup

Hannah had her 2.5 year old checkup today. There was a lot of drama as Hannah didn't want anything to do with a stethoscope, an otoscope, getting weighed, or measured. She nearly weighs 23 pounds with clothes and shoes on. I laughed a little to myself as I watched her height and weight plotted in her chart. We're totally off the chart for weight now. It's a good thing that our nurse practitioner is relaxed about it, as I take a lot of cues about what to be concerned about from her. She explains that Hannah's just genetically programmed to be a very petite person. She's obviously not malnourished, has muscles and a little belly, so we're not going to worry about it much. Yeah. Not going to worry about it. I keep telling myself that.


  1. oh, don't worry about it at all - we had tarisa weighed yesterday and at 3 years and 3 months she has 22 pounds with ALL clothing on. they don't even bother with the chart anymore, lol. she is still in cloth size 12-18 months and diaper size 2 for overnights.
    people of asian heritage are just smaller people. on another note, our 1 1/2 year old yo has 32 pounds, ugh. it looks hilarious when you put the two together, like a david and gollitah, hah.
    how are YOU?

  2. Does Hannah have the Elmo Doctor Kit??? It helps my kiddos get ready for shots, and all those scary "doctor" thingys. . .

    I can't believe how much she's changed. Still as beautiful as ever. So playful! Love the photo of Hannah and Tyler, and the one of Hannah peeking around the pillar!

    23lbs?! That's not bad at all. Gracyn's almost 4, and she's 27. . .They're perfectly petite! And luckily they don't outgrow their clothes too quickly either!!! LOL

  3. Our girls are so close in size but a Hannah is a year older than Adlie. I can't wait till we can get them together and play soon! (Adlie weighs 23lbs 11 oz)

  4. My Lexie is 16 months and 17 pounds. My doctor is not too concerned. She's off the charts, but following her own little growth line. I think good things come in small packages!!

  5. yeah, she's got Andy already! Last weigh in was 21.5 pounds...had ultrasound on his kidneys on Tuesday...waiting for results...I know, I know, bad Kristy, a phone call to you is still on my "to do" of these days my friend, we will catch up!

  6. Small but mighty =) I do hope you are not really worried about this. She is perfectly proportioned. Smart. Playful. Etc.

  7. Oh Sarah,

    Having seen her just this past weekend, I wouldn't be at all concerned!! She's just right for her size and developmentally right on!! She's perfectly perfect and fits right in with all the other petites!! Remember Ty is on the tall side right now so anyone looks tiny next to him and his hair! LOL :)

    Hugs!! AND I KNOW that Mama worry never quite goes away!! Its like an extra handbag slung around our shoulders!!

    P.S. LOVE the pics of H and K playing at your hotel...those are such prizes!!

  8. Sorry about the doctor drama. We've been there too and I know it's no fun. (And I agree, don't worry because they're certainly not!)

  9. Not that I'm one to judge, but I've always been super small. I'm in my mid-twenties and still weigh barely 100 LBS (my Caucasian friends weighed that much when they were, like, 15ish?) and it looks like I'm done growing.

    Hell, I still wear size 5 shoes! (Everyone else wears at least size 8) And it's very difficult to find me clothes because I usually only fit xx-small.

    It's normal. Asians have smaller stature.

  10. Mei Ling, I also use a Taiwanese growth chart from the national health care booklets that Taiwanese children have, and Hannah's under the 5th percentile for weight here, too. She's itty bitty... even by Taiwanese standards.

  11. Small and fiesty is good! Janie is the same way. 18 months and almost 17 pounds (by my scale)...official weight in a few weeks at well-baby visit.


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