Sunday, May 16, 2010

life on full speed

Feels like life is stuck on full speed. No nice pics with the fancy camera. No time. Work. Grocery getting. Reading at least five books a day. Major garage clean out for the garage sale. Spending hours and hours putting together Hannah's swing set. All worth those squeals of joy when she slides down head first on her belly and screams, "Again! Again!" excitedly. Looking forward to come vaca on the beach in June, and hoping life will s.l.o.w d.o.w.n that week so it can be savored. Here's some recent snaps from my phone.


Monkey see, monkey do.

Little girls who throw their milk do not make Mama very happy.

Hannah spent two minutes in the corner to think about what she had done, for Mama to cool off, and then for Mama to start to grin and snap a few pics because she looked so cute in the corner.

Learning to clean up her own mess, and then tell Mama she was sorry.
Hannah likes to clean, so I'm not sure how this part will work out.

Hannah LOVES these Lollipop sandals from Stride Rite. She requests her "pink shoes" when we're dressing her, and doesn't want to take them off. She's started prancing and twirling in circles for fun a lot lately, even more so in her beloved pink sandals. I love these sandals because they flex and have great rubber bottoms just like sneakers. LOVE THEM. Worth every penny over cheap discount store sandals, and they just might be the only shoes she wears all summer. They come in pink, red, silver, and white.

Pretty angelic when she sleeps.

Visiting Great-grandma on Mother's Day.
We get a lot of attention with these two at the nursing home.
The dog might even earn more than Hannah does.

Talking with Grandma.

Mmmmm. Strawberry ice cream. But when we brought her a plate of watermelon, Hannah shoved away the ice cream and ate two whole slices of watermelon. Wow!

Dada and Hannah work on her swing set.


Papa helps Hannah with basketball fundamentals,
a requirement when you live in the Hoosier state.

Already hanging on the rim after a dunk. Heh heh.

New phrase for the week: "That's a mess." Funny stuff. I'm finding myself saying that phrase quite a bit lately. Dada, did you see what she did with her cereal in her room? Think you could make that go away tomorrow for me? Thanks. :)


  1. Sarah said - "Dada, did you see what she did with her cereal in her room?"

    Yeap, already taken care of... :)

  2. What fun!!!! Sounds like Hannah is keeping you guys super busy! We have that same swing set. Let me know if you ever figure out how to get the ladder to stay down! We never did and now the rods are all "splintery" so I really don't need to know how to do it now, I guess. . .LOL

    She's super cute even when she's in the corner! I would've stopped to take a picture too.

  3. Seeing her standing all cute and pouty in that corner just kills me... She is so stinkin adorable, even when she's in trouble! What a sweet and sassy little sunflower!
    I'm lovin it that she shows so much of her fun personality.
    Oh, and isn't it funny where you stumble upon these little messes? It amazes me where I find mashed food and drink! I've found a couple of messes that I'm still not sure if they started out as food or drink! LOL :)

    That sure was nice of her Daddy to put together such a cool swing-set. Every little girls dream come true!

    We're gonna have to check out those pink sandals, they're too cute...

  4. LOL The spilled milk might not have made momma happy but Sedona looked pleased :) Cute pics! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Oh, I know all too well about cereal in bedrooms! (And everywhere else...)

    Her swingset looks great! Glad she loves it!


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