Saturday, May 29, 2010

Claritin Clear

Tonight at work, I got a phone call that a parent never wants to hear from her spouse. "I'm taking Hannah to the ER. She found a bottle of Claritin, got it open, and I'm not sure how many she ate." Whaaaaaa??? While Kevin was putting some clothes in the dryer, Hannah crawled on a stool, got up on our bed in our bedroom, found a bottle of Claritin that we didn't know was in the night stand, and managed to open the child resistant bottle. Kevin was calling her, and he figured she was up to something when she didn't come. He found her with the bottle open. She opened her mouth and spit out half a tablet. Kevin already had poison control programmed into his cell phone. They told him to take Hannah to the ER as he had no way of knowing if and how many she could have ingested.

Poison control AND a worried and guilt ridden mama both called the ER to let them know this two year old was on the way with possible antihistamine overdose. Hannah was hooked up to a heart monitor and blood pressure monitor for two hours. Mama came rushing in as soon as work closed. Hannah was a very good girl about leaving the leads on her chest. She played around with Dada's iphone and sang along to come music. She's shown no signs of any antihistamine overdose. When our two hours of observation were up, the staff got bye bye waves, blown kisses, and high fives.

I let Facebook friends know what we were doing tonight. When we posted that we had the all clear to go home... Melanie commented, "Oh, thank God, she is Claritin Clear!" Kevin and I both burst out laughing when we read that on the way home the hospital. We both needed that good laugh.

Feeling like a pretty lousy parent. I recorded us singing our night night songs together before bedtime tonight. This could have gone so much worse. There are so many worse things she could have gotten her little curious hands into.


  1. I am SO SO SO glad to read she is fine! that is so scary! She is just to smart for her own good I guess!

  2. bless her tiny little heart!! and don't your nor your husband feel bad about it. it happens - it happened to us on multiple occasions and we had to call poison control and ended up at the doc office 4 times so far (one drank glass cleaner, one drank hand soap, one ate birdberries and one decided a bottle of children tylenol tastes really yummie).
    hope she gets to feeling better soon.........sending hugs.

  3. Oh Hannah... You're going to give your mommy and daddy heart attacks!
    Sarah, you know this happens all the time... So thankful that she is well and doing fine!
    There is no time to beat yourselves up, so don't! She'll find something else to get into while you're preoccupied with being too hard on yourselves! LOL...

    I think it's great that you post about the crazy side of parenting that takes us all by surprise. Your honesty rocks Mama!
    Have a great weekend...

  4. THANK YOU LORD she is ok!!!! Praise Jesus! :) Claritin Clear! I LOVE IT! DO not feel like a bad parent! These taiwan tresures are sneaky! We already had our trip to ER for similar with Noah! And THANK YOU for posting that yall have Poison Control Number in your cell phone, what an amazing IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT! THAT tip my friend may save a child's life! Off to google poison control and get the number.

  5. Oh I'm so glad it went well. We had to go to the ER once. I had just taken the lid off of cold medicine to give to one of my sons, when my toddler found a muscle relaxer that had dropped on the floor. (My back was out and I must have dropped a pill earlier that day without knowing). He ate half of it.
    While calling poison control, the same son, grabbed the cold medicine and drank it. I turned around to see cold medine all over his mouth. What the crap?
    They sent an ambulance, but then the ambulances got swamped in our small town as they had 3 emergencies at the same time. They told us to just drive ourselves the 30 miles. He had to eat charcoal and he was hallucinating, picking food out of the air and eating it. It turned out well, but was scary! Turns out cold medicine is much more dangerous than muscle relaxers.

  6. Definetely DON'T feel bad. It definetely happens. Bailey got open a child proof bottle of gummy vitamins and ate half the bottle. I'll be glad to get my kids to age 18 without having a nervous breakdown.
    Hugs, Holli

  7. Praise God she is Claritin Clear!! What a scary experience to be in. Good reminder to go put my meds away. I take it for granted since the big kids know better, but Addi will be moving around soon, so it's time to "baby-proof" again.

    So glad your baby is okay. She's absolutely adorable, even while hooked up to leads!

  8. Whew! So glad she's okay. What a scare that must have been.

  9. Just ran across your blog. Your daughter is adorable. Our son Anton is from Kazakhstan. He is 2.5. We brought him home at 14 months.

    Looks like your little pumpkin gave you a little Memorial Day excitement.

  10. Thank the Lord she IS Claritin Clear! Heh. And let go of the guilt because it happens. My husband is lucky to be alive, as he managed to have his stomach pumped five times when he was four, once for ingesting lighter fluid. Yep, lighter fluid. *shaking head in dismay* (And yes, five times in a year screams negligence, but once during childhood screams "it happens.")

  11. Oh my gosh......I'm so so sorry you guys had to endure this scare and THANK GOD your beauty is home again and well!! Claritan clear indeed....better words have never been spoken I think!!


  12. So happy to hear she is okay! That had to have been scary!

  13. Glad she is okay!!!

    Hey, don't feel bad. I just called Poison Control again for Willa because she licked some bug spray. Yuck! But it happens (and more with certain kids than others!)

  14. Holy Moly!! I wonder everyday when this will happen to me. Hayden is houdini at getting things down and getting them open(even when I can't) I am sure you were in a total state of panic. So glad that she is fine and hopefully you and your husband are no worse for the wear!!

    Don't feel lousy, it could happen to anyone, and it is a great reminder how clever they are and how quick!!


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