Friday, April 2, 2010

terrible twos


It was a beautiful warm day to today, but this kid threw several fits. Trying to decide if she's grouchy because she doesn't feel well (please... these ear infections are supposed to be blasted away by that Augementin!) or if we're starting to feel the effects of the terrible twos. We're being tested. She wants to be carried, sometimes around the house, but mostly in public when we're out and about. We offer her our hand to hold, but she drops to the ground and demands to be carried telling us, "Up! Up!" As she was slow to walk, Hannah NEEDS to walk and exercise. Dada and I are putting up a unified front and demanding that she walks, even if she's holding on to both of our hands. She threw a ten minute fit on the pavement in front of KFC Tuesday night, while I asked onlookers not to look at her... she's throwing a fit. Hannah screamed her way through a beautiful park today while we walked her back to the car. So frustrating!


  1. Poor Mom and Dad. Hopefully she gets over her spells soon.

  2. Oh the joys of the terrible two tantrums. :( You will learn to ignore the people staring at you and sometimes one of them will give you an approving smile since you are actually setting limits and that feels great. Keep up the good work, this is a trying time as a parent.

  3. if it makes you feel better...Claire has been in her terrible two's for a long time now..since way before she was 2. I have gone to the mall and come home in tears wondering what I was doing wrong...Claire is extremely stubborn and wants what she wants. We no longer take her to restaurants for now..which we hate, but it's just too stressful at the's a battle of the wills right now and you can't let her win..I battled with Claire the other night b/c she threw her cup at me when I wouldn't give her coke..we struggled for 45 minutes for her to pick it up...she wasn't going to win that one...anyhow..just to let you know you're not alone...

  4. Keep up the good work dont give in and she will stop screaming very soon, you are doing great!

  5. Could be 2, could be the augmentin isn't doing its thing. We went through amoxicillian, augmentin, and then finally some sort of antibiotic shot (two sets of two) before Tessa's last ear infection went away! :) Apparently our little Taiwanese beauties get doosies! :)

  6. Sweet baby girl, are your shoes too tight?
    I'm so sorry Mommy and Daddy won't pick you up.
    Come tell Aunti Lora all about it... It couldn't possibly be the terrible 2's and I don't believe it for even a minute sweet angel!

    AAAHHHH! Hee heee hee heeeeee....
    I'm not laughing at you guys, I promise!
    I'm laughing with you, right? 'Cause I've so been waiting for Hannah and the terrible 2's!
    It's time to come over again. I want to see, I want to see!

  7. I can totally relate! You're doing everything right. It's SO hard. Especially when people stare. Bailey started her terrible two's when she was like 1.5 yrs old. Unfortunately they lasted several years. Partly my fault but I've learned a lot since then. Hang in there girl. All us mommas have your back. :0)

  8. oh my do i ever understand!!! it seems to go in waves for i'll hope this is a short and quick wave of it for yall! hang in there and stay strong! she sure is adorable though!!!


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