Wednesday, April 21, 2010

recheck retinopathy

Kevin and I took Hannah to the opthamologist today for a yearly recheck. HERE is my post from a year ago at our first visit together. Hanging out in the waiting area was a trip. The room was full, and I'm pretty sure that our little family of three were the only people under 70 waiting to see the opthamologist. I brought four library books with us to keep her busy, and the quiet waiting room listened to us read the books together and Hannah's commentary. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long... as we blew through the books pretty quickly.

Hannah laid down on Kevin's chest in the exam chair while the nurse instilled dilating drops into her eyes. Kevin had to hold her down while she screamed. I could hear all of the old people in the waiting room commenting on the screaming toddler. Heh heh. Unlike last year, this time her eyes dilated with only one dose. The opthamologist held her head still while Kevin held down Hannah's torso and thrashing arms. I was ready to help if the kicking got any worse, but it wasn't too bad. Anyway, the opthamologist looked into her eyes and watched them track. No measurements this time. He said that everything looked just beautiful and that he'd see us again in another year. I told Hannah we were all done. She stopped crying quickly and was more than ready to say bye-bye and get outta there.


  1. That is wonderful news! But sounds like a rough appointment for grownups and kiddos alike...
    I hope that there was a celebration with rewards of ice-cream!
    The bubble picture is great!

  2. Glad it went okay. I know those appointment are NO FUN!


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