Friday, March 26, 2010


splash time

Another pic from fun in the tub this week. :) We crashed our tug boats in together and she thought yelling "crash!" was pretty funny.

Trying to figure out what to do this weekend. Before Hannah got sick I was drumming up ideas for places to go to. I wanted less than a four hour drive, a city I haven't been to before or haven't spent much time there, something special for Hannah to do, and go to an authentic Taiwanese restaurant. I found a Taiwanese restaurant in Ann Arbor with good reviews, and have been looking for things to do in or around Ann Arbor. Ya know... when one thinks spring break... one thinks Ann Arbor, Michigan, RIGHT? (giggle) Seriously, this is really last minute, but if you have any Ann Arbor recommendations let me know. If I don't get there this weekend, I'll get there sometime.

Can you believe it?!?!? My Butler Bulldogs downed number one seed Syracuse! Looking forward to the Kansas State game Saturday. Just ONE WIN away from the final four IN INDIANAPOLIS. Now that would be a party. My little school... in the final four... in our backyard.


  1. My Ann Arbor recommendation are 0 - Notta!
    Lived in Farmington Hills for 2 years and I'm telling ya, there is just not much there...
    If you're going to venture to Michigan, I suggest waiting until it's warmer and heading further North for the Tulip Festival!

  2. There is a children's hands-on museum. It is small but pretty good (it has been years since I have been there and maybe it is bigger now). Here is the website:
    Also the Henry Ford Museum/Green Field Village has tons of activities and a train ride, but I am not sure if they are open all year.

    What is the name of the restaurant there? We travel to the area to visit family several times a year.


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