Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - bathtime grins

the long road

bathtime grin - b&w

I'm just learning how to use my speedlight flash, and I haven't been happy with the results thus far because the flash is too harsh. Monday night my friend Jeri surprised me with a mini softbox. Tonight during bathtime, I experimented with the mini softbox on the flash. Our bathroom is not lit very well, and the flash helped immensely in comparison to previous dark and yellowed bathtime shots. Post processing was very quick. I bumped up the exposure with Lightroom. Then I opened the file in Photoshop, ran the Florabella BW Rich Vintage action, followed by BW Tints & Hazes for the milky haze. Thanks, Jeri!!!

I never really understood the white balance settings on DSLRs and how to manually set the white balance until Jeri brought over a DVD on our 7Ds. I learned a lot, and watching a video that I could pause and replay was so much easier than reading a book. White balance adjustments really improved my bathtub shots, as well.

The Augmentin is working on those double ear infections, thank goodness! We all slept through the night last night with just one wake up due to a wet diaper. Unfortunately, we have to hold Hannah's arms down when we give her the medicine. If I give it to her without Dada's help, she sticks her tongue out and wipes the chalky medicine off her tongue with her hands. Flavoring the prescription helped, but watermelon flavored chalk still tastes... well, chalky.

Hannah's new words this week: Medicine (surprise, surprise!), sad (after several readings of "What's Wrong, Little Pookie?"), ketchup, and camera.


  1. Your images are always so beautiful. I am anxious to see you progress with the flash and softbox...something I have yet to master.

    Pretty B&W of your gorgeous Hannah!

  2. She is a doll,I hope she is feeling better soon.

  3. So sweet!! sorry to hear about the double ear infections. Ugh!! Glad to hear the medicine is kicking in.

  4. What a sweetie. Hope those ears feel better quickly! Ear trouble is not fun at all, for anyone!

  5. She is so gorgeous. oh my goodness. I need you to come and teach me. I feel overwhelmed. Very overwhelmed : )

    Your pictures are so pretty!

  6. Well now that is just pure cuteness...and a lot of it!!

    Hope she's on the mend!!

  7. Yeah!! Glad she's feeling better. Nothing like a good night of sleep huh? Glad the soft box helped. This shot looks awesome. Glad the video helped too. Haven't played around much yet. Hopefully tomorrow is a pretty day and I can get out with my camera! You are very welcome by the way. Always glad to get to see you guys.

  8. She is so sweet. she looks cheeky in that pic with that smile. hope she feels better soon.
    stopping by from

  9. So sweet! I am looking at a speedlight flash too but am so intimidated!

    Your processing is terrific!

  10. Adorable photo with beautiful processing!

  11. Great picture...You know I have NO! idea what I am doing when it comes to my camera. BUT I love it.

    SO nice to get a good night sleep.

  12. Does she EVER take a bad photo!?

    So sweet!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  13. sweet photo - of your adorable girl. I have no idea how to use my flash. I've given up!

  14. Your daughter is so adorable and I love how you edited the photo! Great photo!


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