Sunday, February 14, 2010

Xin Nian Kuai Le! 新年快樂!

our family - Chinese New Year 2010

We are blessed in that we have some great adoptive families a short car ride away with children from Taiwan and China. We were invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with them last year, but the stomach flu took it's toll on our health and we weren't able to go. This year... everyone's healthy and it was a go!


We had a wonderful time. The community center was decorated with red balloons. Hannah said, "Oooooh! Balloons!" when we walked in. There were toys to play with such as a little kitchen, shopping cart, babies, play food, little tables and chairs, crafts, and lots of room to run. A toddler's DREAM PARTY, right? The families outdid themselves on the food. Kevin and I really liked the potstickers, dumplings, and Carmen's creamy potato soup. For dessert there was a cake decorated like the flag of Taiwan, Taiwanese pineapple cakes, cookies shaped like China, and all sorts of other treats.

toddlers + balloons = party time

Malia and Hannah's favorite part of the party
involved running around with balloons.

Kevin and I brought sky lanterns, and the group bundled up our littles and went out into the snowy parking lot to light them off. I kept giggling, thinking of guys out ice fishing... drinking a few beers, looking up at the night sky remarking, "Hey, Elmer. Do you see that? I think them there are some UFOs!"

sky lanterns

sky lanterns

sky lanterns

sky lanterns

Carmen gets the above photo credit for lanterns in the sky.
I know nothing about nighttime photography,
and mine didn't turn out very well.

Thank you so much, Dan and Megan!
You were wonderful hosts!
These toddlers really know how to party!

Last but certainly not least... I have to share with you some Taiwanese baby sweetness that I've been looking forward to photographing for some time. Aren't those cheeks just the sweetest?!?!?

sweet Libby 1

Sweet Libby 2

Sweet Libby 3


  1. Looks like a great time! Those laterns are really cool and around here you most definitely scared some local residents (I am chuckling thinking about it). The family photo is great and how cute is Miss Libby?!?

  2. What a toddler paradise. Glad you could go this year. Great shots of Miss Libby too! I am ready for dinner... anytime.

  3. What happens to the fire in the lantern? Does it fizzle out and the lantern descend? No chance of fire being ignited a few miles off? They're so beautiful!

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  4. Tisra, Lantern goes up and up until wick burns out, hot air in the lantern cools... then lantern descends. The paper they are made out of is biodegradable but fire resistant. It is very delicate paper and the lanterns have to be opened carefully so you don't rip them.

  5. Those lanterns are SOOOOO cool!!! Hannah's dress is too cute, and this little Miss Libby is gorgeous! Great photography!!!! So glad you guys were able to enjoy the CNY festitvities this year. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. Gong Hay Fat Choy!

    What wonderful celebrations you have all had ~ AND everyone in good health ~ yay!

    Sweet Libby is beyond beautiful and actually reminds me just a bit of H.C.!!

    Those lanterns blew me away ~ how clever and festive!

    AND I see you are considering closing your blog....gosh, which I completely understand and wrestle with myself at times. So many things I would love to share or discuss, but it seems not right or too risky even ~ flames and all! LOL

    BUT, I will miss the glimpses of your family and your thoughts just the same.....

    Thanks for sharing what you have with us all!

  7. what sweet friends! those last pictures are just gorgeous! then again, so is hannah claire! i love how you are so committed to celebrating HC's traditions as much as your own...and to have found so many families with children her age! i completely understand if you decide to quit blogging, but i do want you to know how much you will be well as your amazing pictures. you are such an inspiration and blessing to us all!

  8. OMGosh is that little girl precious. Beautiful images.


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