Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY party time

This evening we went to a very local gathering of mostly adoptive families for a Chinese New Year party. This is the second year we've been invited to this little party, and had a great time once again. Feels really good to spend time with families who are a lot like yours in that we all have little girls from China and Taiwan, but we're all very different, all in the same community. Once again, Hannah was the youngest of the bunch, but this year she was able to participate in some of the activities. Coloring, playing with legos, and cooking in a play kitchen is right up her alley.


I took this first photo after I woke Hannah up from her nap to get her ready for the party. She doesn't like to have us wake her up, and wasn't in the mood for photos before dinner.


This photo was taken at the beginning of the night. I censored the faces just in case some of he parents wouldn't like the idea of their children's photos posted here. I thought Hannah had gotten comfortable enough to stand for a photo with the big girls. Guess not! Thankfully, she was having a great time running all over the place like the big kids by the end of the night.



Tigers say "ROAR!"


What's this green stuff in the red envelopes?

The highlight of Hannah's night was playing with big kid legos and eating ice cream cake. The highlight of our evening was talking with a Taiwanese American adult adoptee that is an old high school friend of another adoptive parent. She shared her adoption story with us, and we shared our family's story with her. Interestingly, she had more questions for us than we had for her. Feeling blessed to have had this opportunity.

I know that my posts are a lot less meaty than what they were at one time. Adoption related thoughts that I once thought I'd like to write about are now too personal and only shared among close friends. Giving a lot of thought to giving up blogging. Facebook is easier, quicker, more private, although not as pretty and doesn't leave room for serious discussions. But... if I'd never blogged, I never would have *met* the mamas that I can pour my heart out to over the phone to and in an email, and you totally get it. Love you guys. You know who you are. :) HUGS!

Getting together Saturday night for more Chinese New Year fun with TAIWANESE CUTIES! Gotta sleep and rest up for tomorrow!


  1. Love the pictures, esp. the one with the covered-up faces. I actually thought the other girls were wearing masks at first. It makes for a funny juxtaposition next to Hannah Claire's sobbing.

    While I understand your reasons completely, I'd be sad if you closed down this blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed following your journey to H.C. The ever-after portion has been fun, too. Would you consider keeping the blog open to private readers? Please? Pretty please?

    Happy CNY to you and your family!

  2. Oh yes! I feel the same way as "the Family K." I would miss your blog. And as an adoptive momma, I really get something (can't quite put my finger on it) out of reading the trials & tribulations and happy, successes (the basic ups and downs) of other adoptive families.

    PS I would also miss your beautiful photography!

  3. So cute! Sounds like you had lots of fun!

  4. I would very much miss your blog! But I understand- my blog is so much fluff these days. I am enjoying the project 365 but there is so much more I could say. Maybe we can have another playdate when the weather gets warmer and swap stories!

  5. Ha! I thought they were wearing masks at first too!!

    I understand what you mean about blogging being personal and taking time! I questioned it myself a while back and then I realized it was my journal for the girls (because I don't keep one anymore and I'm not timely at scrapping). I've actually been uploading the blog to Blurb and making hardcover books for each year. They are a wonderful keepsake. Over time I plan to let the girls blog too and then we'll definitely go private...

    I am truly grateful for some of the connections I've formed via you and other adoptive moms. That aspect keeps me going too. Hope you keep it up, but I understand if you don't!

  6. I totally thought the other kids were wearing masks and that was why Hannah Claire was crying. Too funny. I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed following your blog. I have been following through your wait, the hallelujah referral, your journey to Hannah Claire and all the posts since she has come home. I understand wanting to stop. I too have many personal things to say that just don't get published. If you go private I would love to follow you. I draw strength from reading others trials, tribulations and triumphs on the the road to and from Taiwan. You have been an inspiration to me and Hannah Claire is just so darn cute and fun to watch grow up.


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