Friday, January 29, 2010

upside down girl

upside down girl 1

It's the weekend! Yippie!!! Keep smiling!

upside down girl 2

This smile takes my breath away. :)

upside down girl 3

My camera loves her little dimple.

upside down girl 4


  1. as Addie would say, "uppie side down!" :) adorable pictures. beautiful smile and that dimple...oh my!

  2. WOW! That dimple is the best!

  3. You take the best pictures!
    Victoria SLC

  4. An irresistable subject! What type of settings do you use on your camera to capture that sweet little dimple? Been trying to capture Ryan's eyebrow gymnastics, but the contours of his forehead get washed out by my flash. I have the same camera as you, but I'm a very basic user. Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. For Ruth: My favorite close up shots this winter have been taken right inside the front door with the main door open to let in light and the glass storm door keeping out the cold, allowing for lots of sideways light. I'm shooting with a 50mm lens in Av mode with an f stop below 3.5. I use Adobe Lightroom to tweak the exposure and white balance. Then I'm opening the photo in Photoshop. My favorite freebie actions are called "Bring On the Eyes" and "Sharpen This" in Pioneer Woman's Action Set 2. I work on the eyes first, then sharpen the eyes more with the "Sharpen This" action, and then do just a little sharpening of the lips, teeth, nostrils, eyebrows, and then sharpen up that dimple so it stands out a little more. I finish up with an action from MCP called high definition sharpening for some more all over sharpening at the end. Hope this helps!

  6. That little dimple is simply the BEST! What a cutie pie!

    I need to play around and figure out what actions are all about. There's so much I don't know!


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  7. Hi Sarah!

    Stop by sometime. There's a nice surprise waiting for you.



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