Saturday, January 2, 2010

Diagnosis bronchiolitis

On New Year's Eve Hannah's runny nose turned into something a little more. She didn't want to eat, started coughing, and was clingy and irritable. Every word was "no no no no" and she wanted to be held all of the time. She was tugging at her ear a bit, so I figured ear infection. New Year's morning the fever was back and she really was't acting right. We found a pediatric urgent care center and brought her in. Dr. B said both ears were clear but she didn't like the sounds in her chest and ordered a chest x-ray. She had some air trapping, and a nebulizer treatment was ordered. Diagnosis is bronchiolitis, a viral infection. Hannah wasn't cultured, but it could very well be RSV. We're giving her Tylenol around the clock which really makes her feel better, saline in her nose and sucking out the boogies with a bulb syringe, encouraging her to drink plenty of fluids even though she doesn't want to eat, and doing a lot of holding and rocking.

Needless to say, the Disney trip was canceled today. I fly back home tomorrow and Kevin and Hannah will be here another week visiting with the family. Hopefully she'll perk up soon. This can last 5-12 days.


  1. Bummer for you all. I hope Hannah Claire feels better.

  2. Poor baby. . .so sorry the Disney trip was called off. Hope she feels better soon!

  3. oh dear.. hope Hannah get well soon..

  4. Sorry to hear she isn't feeling well. Kids come first and Disney isn't going anywhere.
    Hope she is feeling better really, really, soon!!!!

  5. It never fails does it? It's been a year now, so there is no telling you "welcome to parenthood" because you both know it now, all too well... You will no doubt get your trip to Disney with Hannah in the near future. You happen know a very good connection, don't ya!
    Lucky Hannah! She will enjoy it more in another 6 months or so anyway... Especially when she's feeling better!
    Sorry that you had to come home leaving the others to get-well and play for another week. That can't be easy... Sending hugs and smiles your way~
    Since you might have some free time on your hands, you could always give me a shout.

  6. poor baby girl! i hope she feels better soon!

  7. ugh. ugh to sickness and to flying home early to work. let's do lunch or something soon.

  8. OH NO! Hope everyone is on the mend ~ sorry about Disney!! It will be extra magical the next time!!

    Must be tough having to return home :( thinking about ya!

    Any chance you guys gonna be in the general neighborhood for CNY?? I think a plan is in the works for some kind of gathering! :)

  9. I wish I hadn't checked back in after you posted the picture and video. I knew that I shouldn't watch it, but did it anyway and it broke my heart! I'm better at hands on and being the one who has to be the bad guy. watching it from across the room kills me... Thoughts are with ya Mommy... Hope little Hannah is back to happy healthy little self again real soon!

  10. Oh poor thing :( If she is still having to use the "neby" ask if you can use the tube thing instead of the mask and just hold it near her nose.

    Hope she is feeling much better really soon.

  11. So sorry Hannah Claire is under the weather and that your Disney trip had to be postponed. Hope she is feeling better really soon and she and Kevin can enjoy the rest of their time with the family.

    Take care,

  12. Oh my gosh! Poor baby! I hope you're all feeling better!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  13. Awwww...poor Hannah! Praying she is feeling better now.

  14. Yuck! I am so sorry. When our boys had RSV, we did all the same treatments and we were not hit very hard at all. I will be praying the same thing for your sweet girl!!!
    I LOVE all your Christmas pictures. She is so cute with her little look alike baby in her stroller!!!!

  15. I so remember having this same experience with Noah several times. I am praying for yall and Hanna Claire. No update since this was posted on the 2nd. How is she doing? Please keep us posted.



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