Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disney Christmas photos

So much going on and little time for photos these days. Hannah is on the go and doesn't look at the camera or sit still for very long, so that makes for difficult and very brief photo sessions.

We tried to have Hannah's Christmas photos taken professionally at a studio several weeks ago, but she wouldn't smile for the photographer. She looked darling in a little red dress and tights, but who wants to buy a photo of their child with a blank expression on her face?

We're going to Florida to visit Kevin's family right after Christmas, and I had a little dress made for Hannah's first trip to Disney World. It's so stinkin' cute that I had to get out the camera today, and even called Nana to come over and check out our little mousekateer. Hannah likes the ears and liked looking at herself in the mirror, patting her Minnie ears. I'm not sure this is what I want to use for our Christmas photos, but it was fun!

Disney Christmas outtakes

Disney Christmas 1

Kevin started a new family Christmas tradition with Hannah. We're going to have her pick out an ornament every year for our tree. This year Hannah picked out a large and LOUD red jingle bell.

Added 12/11/09:
By request, here's links to the Etsy sellers that made the dress and the Minnie dress and the Minnie ear hair clips.


  1. The dress is so adorable i know Catherine of Catherine's chatter would love this since she loves all things disney

  2. Loooooooooove the dress. ANd the hairbows are so clever!!! Did you design them!!!

  3. It's perfect!! Use it. . .maybe the tradition will be to send a photo of her with her ornament in hand wearing something that represents a trip taken that very same year!!! Those ears are too cute!

  4. These are so cute!! I think that bottom one would make the perfect Christmas photo. Just one question, though... why on earth would you pay good money to have someone else take her picture when you do it so beautifully yourself!?! Love that cute little Minnie dress. You are going to have a ball at Disney.

  5. Ummm...tell me why you would not want to use that last one as THE OFFICIAL Christmas pic?! I used to be a photographer at a studio. Your pics are better than any studio pic, period. Let me tell you why.

    1. In my humble opinion, you are a fantastic photographer, you are talented and you could be a professional if you wanted to be. The joy of knowing that YOU took that fantastic pic should be a good enough reason to go ahead and get the cards printed and order a big print for the wall.

    2. I prefer pictures that are taken in the comfort of your own home. Clearly, kids are more comfortable there and you have your own surroundings as a backdrop that will add to your memories for years to come.

    3. Studio pics are usually posed. Bleck!!! These are pics of Hannah being her sweet, naturally cute and fun self. They are better. Nuff said!

  6. OH MY! That is adorable! I have to send the photos to my mother in law, she's in love with Disney and will just die seeing them! Definitely a cute idea!

  7. I'm amazed at how grown up our girls are looking these days. Hannah is adorable and love the outfit!

  8. Your pictures of Hannah took my breathe away. They are beautiful and I agree that you should use these for your cards. She is such a doll.

  9. Good idea on the ornaments. I did that and now have a box of Christmas ornaments to put on my tree and Meg is starting her own collection.

    I agree with Lacie - you do a great job with the camera and you know Hannah better than anyone. You have a way better chance of capturing all that she is than any pro.


  10. LOVE this outfit! You guys will have so much fun in Disney!

  11. Love the photos and love that dress, thanks so much for posting the etsy links!


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